2 Junio, 2018

“Rocky” De La Fuente in a Strong Position in the Race for U.S. Senate


“Rocky” De La Fuente in a Strong Position in the Race for U.S. Senate


MIAMI, U.S. June 1, 2018 – Roque De La Fuente, Republican, businessman, and land developer had 21 percent of registered votes reported by a new California poll of voters by Stanford University scholars, now placing him in a strong position by finishing second in the race for U.S. senate.

After participating in the presidential elections in 2016 as Democrat, and debating with candidate Hilary Clinton and Rick Scott, Roque De La Fuente decided to reform his political party, and turn to the Democrat side. The Florida Board of Elections accepted his reform, and now he’s running in the Florida ballot, the most important swing state in the country. The candidate has a strong chance of winning the race for U.S. senate as the California poll recently showed. Roque De La Fuente has used a large amount of positive resources in Florida for his primary race for the senate, and he’ll receive much of that recognition over the general election.

This new poll by Stanford University scholars also found that Republican turnout in the November midterms could be delayed if they’re shut out of the November votes by the top two rules. California Republicans gave President Donald Trump a 77 percent approval rating, and 71 percent of support to run again in 2020. His approval rating among California Democrats are 8 percent and 31 percent Independents.