Focus on the original goals of health care reform; lower cost, improved quality and open access. We need to address reform in a way that addresses ever-increasing cost along side of decreasing access. Substantive tort reform needs to have a seat at the table of discussion, as does pharmaceutical advertising since it disproportionately adds cost. Read More


Comprehensive reform to current and previous policies under both Trump and Obama need to be addressed. We can maintain secure borders without abandoning the values upon which this great nation was founded. We must first acknowledge that there is a problem. The current approach is Anti-American. We have a labor shortage. There are people who want jobs. Let’s match them up for overall economic prosperity. Read More


The only jobs that government creates are at the expense of the American people. The jobs created by government are a burden to taxpayers. Lawmakers have made doing business and adding jobs more expensive than it can profit. As a result, small business is almost obsolete. One side of the aisle wants to ‘go after’ big corporations, and in doing so, have created a landscape where only the few can survive. We can see now how overregulation caused large business to be the only means to stay alive. We must roll back the path that was laid for big corporations to outgrow independent and small business. Small to medium businesses are the heart and soul of the American economy. Bring back small to medium businesses and we bring back jobs. Read More


Audit the Department of Education. We must discover the source of radical over spending. Once we discover the source of the excess, we can begin a discussion about solutions. It is clear that the current system is failing our youth and in this global marketplace, we absolutely cannot afford to come in last. Read more


Democrats and Republicans spend too much time arguing over environmental buzzwords. The planet is changing. What can we do as humans and as world leaders to help forge a path to sustainable living? We can let go of the bickering and work toward lending an ear to balancing longevity with ethical practices. We, as Americans, are stewards of this planet, and we bear responsibility to preserve the environment to the greatest extent that we reasonably can. Read more


Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente is running for president 2020. Add your name below and join now. It’s time to choose someone who represent you and fight for our community’s needs in Washington D.C, someone that works for you and with you. Together we are stronger! Join now;g=sitewide;gid=21576;ord=[uniqueid];g=donate_page;gid=21578;ord=[uniqueid];g=donation_success_page;gid=21579;ord=[uniqueid]