De La Fuente candidate for the U.S. Senate

AUGUST 29, 2018 – TALLAHASSEE, FL – In the recent primaries to nominate the Republican candidate to compete in the general elections for the U.S. Senate in Florida, candidate Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente, a California born businessman, complained that the election results may have been manipulated to favor the current governor of the state, Rick Scott.

He asserts that the vote count activity on display for everyone to view while the districts were reporting the results, showed a reduction of over forty thousand votes from what was already allocated to him. It was unreasonably inexplicable, according to him, such an absurd turn of events after results had been clearly displayed on the department of elections website.

After what happened in 2016 during the presidential primary, when candidate Hillary Clinton was obviously favored over Bernie Sanders, in what turned out to be a blatant manipulation of votes by the Democratic Party, which resulted in the resignation of its President, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Rocky De La Fuente has been astonished to see that the Republican Party has followed the same pattern of behavior as the other party it had been so critical of in this regard.

Even though Rocky finished the race with just a little over 11% of the vote, these results overlook the huge difference in the budgets of each candidate. While Rick Scott spends millions of dollars to get elected, much of this money coming from Special Interest Groups, De La Fuente is a self-financed politician that is using his own money in an effort to bring the voice of the people to Washington, without getting compromised with lobbyists or big money groups.

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